What is the Cheapest Way to Get an Office

I have been thinking about what I need to do for a temporary base while I am over here. I am going to be in the Far East, specifically in Singapore and Malaysia for the next few months and of course I need a place to work. I think that the best idea I have is to rent one of those things that they call a virtual office in Singapore. Of course the big advantage of this is that virtual office address Singapore very inexpensive and it is not very difficult. They are fully equipped and you get a small staff if you need it. I sort of do, but I could live without a girl to answer the phones and take messages. That is just better for me because it means that I am not going to have to be the one doing it. Of course it is great if you have a secretary who understands who you need to talk to and who you are just as eager to avoid.

Time is not on your side obviously. I have to think about what it takes to get things done and how hard it is to do it.. They are not going to be giving me any more time to accomplish what I need to do, so I have to use what I have as wisely as I can. Of course I sort of like it over here to tell the truth. It is a very crowded place and very strange to me compared to any place that I have been in the past, but I like that because comfort is not something you need and it is nice to have something you can look at as a new adventure to keep you occupied and that is what I really like.

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